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Trust your IT – that’s the idea that guides us so that you, as one of our customers, are always secure. Well structured IT allows us to work with you to ensure innovative ability, scalability, reliability, flexibility, and comprehensive protection of your systems. Microstaxx can even manage all of that if you want.

From storage and networking to cyber security and professional services, we help you be as prepared as can be for the demands of today and tomorrow.

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Elke Rennefeld
Team Lead Customer Service

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It’s not always easy to associate trust with IT. Which technologies and structures offer the best performance? The best security? The greatest flexibility? The most comprehensive possibilities for expansion? Whatever requirements you’re focused on, we develop solutions to suit your needs. To secure what you have. To lay the groundwork for new ideas. To take advantage of current developments. And to ensure operations at any time as a managed service provider. This is the meaning of “Trust your IT – managed by Microstaxx.”