Trust is gold in IT

Trust in your own systems and partners is becoming increasingly important as cyber security, the cloud, storage and networking become more interlinked. This is why “Trust your IT – managed by Microstaxx” is the standard that we operate by every day.

The lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring, resulting in a new reality – due to artificial intelligence, digital twins, augmented/mixed/virtual reality, etc. This in turn is giving us entirely new products and services in the areas of gaming, shopping, edutainment, logistics and industrial production such as through the seamless overlap between ordering and production, maintenance and upkeep, interconnection of locations, financial transactions, and the storage, sharing and evaluation of data. From autonomous driving, cooperation between humans and cobots, or the Internet of Things, physical and digital realities are interacting more than ever. As a result, the effects of IT on how companies conduct themselves are increasing rapidly – and only those who have faith in their own systems will have a solid foundation for forward-facing business models and good, long-term customer relations.

Our solutions

The requirements of IT systems are stricter than ever: They have to be secure and scalable, work seamlessly, be perfectly adapted to the respective company’s needs, and offer the utmost flexibility so that they can anticipate technological advancement as well as possible. This is why our portfolio of solutions includes those very areas of IT that are being restructured or altered by these developments – including, of course, responsibility for management and service. We help you adapt your company to this ongoing transformation.


The digital transformation has heralded a new age of communication, and has revolutionised how we work. With smart solutions, it has created more freedom, creativity, connectivity and productivity, all built on a highly automated, smart and secure network. The success of companies’ digital strategies is based on the adjustment of network infrastructures to suit the needs of the future, thereby allowing companies to stay competitive.

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The most important asset to most companies is their data, as these serve as the basis for most business processes and innovation. They also make companies competitive. As a result, availability, security, and management of these data are key to success, and so the diligent and targeted devising of a storage strategy is essential for your company.

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New technology comes with new challenges, especially where security is concerned. Higher bandwidths, the Internet of Things, autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence open up new doors, but also pose a threat to companies and necessitate updated security strategies.

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Professional services

Keeping up with the pace of modern business and meeting customers’ high requirements are challenging for every company. This adjustment is only possible with a secure, high-performance IT infrastructure with service-level contracts that are in line with compliance requirements and ensure the company’s own corporate governance needs. We at Microstaxx support you with our forward-facing services.

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Taking your network into the digital future

Even now, your employees need quick and stable access to important company resources and seamless interactions between cloud-based applications. However, heterogenous mobile devices, the cloud, and the Internet of Things are making your network and the management thereof all the more complicated. Advancing digitalisation is posing considerable challenges for networks when it comes to performance, while also demanding uncompromising security and the greatest possible protection against cybercrime.

Conventional network infrastructures are not compatible with the latest requirements. We assist you on your journey toward a highly automated, scalable and autonomous network so that you can create smart, digital jobs for your employees, prepare your network for the growing list of end devices and cloud-based applications, and ensure secure access at the same time. We work according to your needs, company size and goals, never losing sight of protection for your data and systems.


We analyse your current LAN, WAN or WLAN infrastructures and devise, plan and implement a custom network solution for your digital future. Network management is very important here. You can continue to rely on us further down the road when it comes to management and maintenance of your network. We work with market leaders and our network specialists always boast the best possible certifications.

Would you like to expand or prepare your network for the growing list of requirements?

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Your storage strategy

The storage strategy aims to efficiently provide, store, secure and – in the worst-case scenario – reproduce your data throughout their entire lifespan. We strive to work with you to find the unique balance between capacity, performance and costs for your storage solution. Smart data management involves hierarchical storage management for backups and securing availability – all in line with your budget, use cases and data quantity.

A new approach to storage

The quantity of data, the number of applications and unstructured data increase rapidly as your company grows and digitalisation becomes more prevalent. This results in new, uncharted possibilities for data use, and at the same time, storage capacity and access speed need to be optimised. High time to rethink the conventional storage solutions.

We help you plan and implement a storage infrastructure that does these new challenges justice: High availability, low latency, quick access for smart management, data analysis and pure data storage are the top priorities.

Our partnerships with manufacturers of various types of storage technology allow us to find the right solutions for you, as well as to conceive a complex, customisable, scalable storage solution and integrate it into your IT environment.

It doesn’t matter whether

  • you have to process large quantities of unstructured data in order to obtain relevant results with machine or deep learning,
  • you’re facing challenges due to GDPR-compliant data management and are looking for the right solutions,
  • you want to allocate storage resources in your data centre as needed and require high-availability failover clusters,
  • or you need fast backups including efficient and deduplicated long-term storage with short-term recovery for growing data quantities.

We are your partners when it comes to the complete and cost-efficient coverage and usage of your data.

Are you planning a storage project? We’re happy to help.

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360° security

We believe security management to be a cohesive approach for protecting information, systems and users. Compliance in companies and organisations is based on their security infrastructure. In turn, it’s an integral part of the IT infrastructure that we not only plan and implement for you, but also regularly analyse for vulnerabilities that we then report and, if possible, eliminate. Our expertise – including our officially CISSP-accredited security specialists – covers every aspect of IT security, from end device and application security to network security, cyber security, and identity and access management.

Smart security management

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and as a result, the tools we use to detect them have to become faster so that we can respond to threats early on. Vulnerability management that includes smart approaches like security information and event management (SIEM), and that analyses security-related data and generates action recommendations for your security measures, is a helpful resource.

In order to optimise the security concept for your IT infrastructure and requirements, we rely not only on our own experience, but also on our partners’ technological and innovation expertise. We make sure that your organisation is fully secure.

Do you know where your IT could be strengthened? Would you like to have your current security concept evaluated? Do you need a new security concept, or would you like to have your current concept updated?

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The digital future has begun

As you undergo the digitalisation process, you will witness the increasing complexity of IT with growing data quantities, disruptive technology, changing business models, cyberthreats and a shortage of workers with the ever evolving and exponentially growing knowledge that the field demands. How can you reconcile your goals and your resources with your budget?

At Microstaxx we offer a wide range of professional IT services that help you plan, implement and manage your digitalisation strategy. Through our services, we get actively involved in your infrastructure and make it possible for you to react flexibly at any time, optimise and streamline processes, and increase security. If needed, we also evaluate your current IT environment, create a concept for a goal-based and advanced IT infrastructure, and implement this in your company.

In turn, you benefit from our expertise and strong certifications with our technology partners, as well as from our high quality standards every step of the way. We are ITIL-compliant and ISO-certified.

Let us join you as you move toward your digital future.

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Stronger together

We strive to provide our customers with an optimal IT solution in every regard. To do this, Microstaxx has spent years working hand in hand with the world’s leading technology providers. We carefully select our partners and ensure the optimal added value for our customers.

We and our partners share a high quality standard coupled with innovation and reliability. Our vision of “Trust your IT” is achieved through constant evaluation, mutual trust, and fair conduct on an even playing field.

Any questions?

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It’s not always easy to associate trust with IT. Which technologies and structures offer the best performance? The best security? The greatest flexibility? The most comprehensive possibilities for expansion? Whatever requirements you’re focused on, we develop solutions to suit your needs. To secure what you have. To lay the groundwork for new ideas. To take advantage of current developments. And to ensure operations at any time as a managed service provider. This is the meaning of “Trust your IT – managed by Microstaxx.”