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With their breakneck pace, unprecedented impact and extensive reach, technological changes of the present are hardly comparable to previous industrial revolutions.

The present, fourth revolution is driven by digitalization and affects the economy on a global level radically changing the way we do business. The possibilities opened up by ever increasing computing power, storage capacities and data volumes are almost endless. Groundbreakers are technological milestones in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of Things, self-driving cars, nano- and biotechnology, energy storage, and quantum computers.

Our solutions

To draw on the benefits of digital transformation, an advanced IT infrastructure that helps speed up innovations, delivers new means of communicating with customers, and creates optimized customer journey maps is an absolute must.

Our range of solutions covers those important areas of information technology that are restructured or changed entirely by this transformation. We offer the support you need to master these changes in a way that is tailored to the needs of your organization.


Digital transformation marks the start of a new era in communication, revolutionizing work and business practices. Digital transformation means smart solutions that provide greater freedom and creativity, connectivity and productivity. Behind this is an intelligent and secure network. In fact, the basis of any successful digital corporate strategy is a state-of-the-art network infrastructure.

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These days, data is your most important asset. Data is the basis for innovations and guarantees your competitiveness on the market. How you manage and analyze your data volume will define your success. A carefully devised data storage strategy that is tailored to your needs is therefore vital for your company.

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With new technologies, new challenges arise, particularly when it comes to your security. Higher bandwidths, Internet of Things, autonomous systems or artificial intelligence offer unique new possibilities. At the same time, however, they open companies up to new threats, resulting in the need for suitable new security strategies.

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The digital economy lives off data. This is where supercomputers come in – the response to the demand for high-performance computing power that enables companies to process fast growing amounts of data, derive related artificial intelligence, and develop solutions to complex problems and innovations across virtually any field.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence challenges the limits of what is possible. AI has become a key technology for digital transformation, a driving force for innovations, although the technological framework for broadly applying AI processes such as machine learning or deep learning in the field has not been in place very long.

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Professional services

Keeping up with the speed of making business today while meeting customer requirements at the same time – these are the challenges that enterprises have to face today. To successfully adapt to these conditions, you have to go digital. At Microstaxx, our pioneering professional services will bring you the support you need.

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Lead your network into the digital future

“Mobile first”, fast and reliable access to important corporate resources as well as smooth cloud-based collaboration are in all likelihood already top of your staff’s priorities. Heterogeneous mobile devices, the cloud and the Internet of Things, however, are making your network and network management increasingly complex. Particularly in this area, rapidly advancing digitalization presents networks with huge challenges in terms of performance and calls for an uncompromising approach to security and cybersecurity.

Traditional network infrastructures can no longer cope with modern requirements. We help you transform your network to enable you to create intelligent, digital workstations for your employees, make your network fit for the growing number of end devices and cloud-based applications, and guarantee secure access at the same time. Our solutions are tailored to your individual requirements and the size of your company and with the protection of your investment in mind.

We analyze the LAN, WAN and WLAN infrastructures you have in place, and design, plan and implement an optimized network solution for the digital future based on your individual demands/requirements. Given the importance of network management, you can rely on us to provide follow-up support for the operation and maintenance of your network, too. We work closely with leading partners in this area and ensure our network specialists take part in certification programs to expand their enterprise and knowledge base.

Are you looking to expand your network or get it ready for digital transformation?

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Your storage strategy

Efficient storage, backup and recovery of data throughout their entire lifecycle is at the core of the storage strategy. Our aim is to work with you to find the individual balance between capacity, performance and costs for your storage solution. Intelligent data management includes hierarchical storage management during backup as well as ensuring availability – tailored to your budget, your use cases and the amount of data.

Rethinking storage

As your company grows and digitalization progresses, the amount of data and number of applications will rapidly increase, leading to a massive surge in unstructured data. This forever brings about a whole host of new and undreamt-of possibilities for data use, such as with deep learning or the Internet of Things. Storage capacity and access speed have to increase in line with this, however. It is now time to question and rethink traditional storage solutions.

We will support you in planning and implementing a storage infrastructure that meets these new challenges. Apart from pure data storage, our approach centers on high availability and fast access for intelligent data management and analysis.


Our partnership with manufacturers of different storage technologies enables us to find those that suit your needs best, and design a complex, scalable custom storage solution and integrate this into your IT environment.

It does not depend on

  • whether you are a research institute that has to process huge amounts of unstructured data quickly to obtain results using machine or deep learning;
  • whether you are a medium-sized enterprise facing the challenges of GDPR compliant data management and are looking for suitable cloud services;
  • or whether you would like to use software defined storage to allocate storage resources in your data center as required and need failover clusters for high availability.

We will help you tap into the full potential of your data without unreasonably high costs.

Are you planning a storage project? We’d love to help!

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360° security

To us, IT security is a holistic approach to the protection of information, systems and users. In organizations, compliance is based on their security architecture. It goes without saying, therefore, that this would be an integral part of the IT infrastructure we plan and implement for you. Our expertise covers all areas of IT security, from end device and application security to network security, cyber security, and identity and access management.

Intelligent security management

Cyber-attacks are becoming ever more sophisticated. Detection mechanisms therefore have to become ever faster in order to react to threats at an early stage. Intelligent approaches such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) that analyze security-relevant data and generate recommendations for action for your security measures, help here.

Insider threats that are difficult to detect are dealt with using User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEAB) systems, which are based on artificial intelligence. These detect dangers automatically on the basis of unusual user and system behavior patterns.

To optimize the security concept according to your IT environment and requirements we rely not only on our expertise but also on our forward-thinking partners. Whether you are looking to modify an existing security system or plan a new system with our support, we will ensure that your organization is secure through and through.

Do you need a new security concept, or would you like to adapt your present system to the latest security requirements?

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Moore’s Law has reached its limits

Supercomputing is no longer restricted to science and research. In fact, companies from many different industries use data analysis to solve complex problems and gain valuable insights. The computing power that is needed for big data, AI and Deep Learning applications can only be efficiently achieved with specialized high-performance systems that operate in parallel.

Who benefits from supercomputing?

High-performance computing is the key to solving a whole host of challenges in the health sector, cyber security, in the area of safe and sustainable mobility as well as in the future-proof power generation. The potential of supercomputing helps companies become more innovative and cost-effective, saving time, money and resources. High-performance computers enable companies to reduce their design and production cycles and speed up the processes involved in creating new materials. In other words, they help to reduce costs while increasing cost efficiency.

Which high-performance system is a match for your company?

Supercomputers, cluster solutions, hyper-converged systems, GPU-based AI architectures – what solution is best for processing your high-volume workloads? We provide support and advice relating to the acquisition and implementation of your HPC system, factoring in key parameters such as performance, management, availability, costs and energy efficiency. It goes without saying that we will ensure your new HPC system is properly integrated into your IT environment.

Would you like to get off to a flying start with HPC and AI and accelerate innovations in your company? We can help!

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The right platform for your AI projects

AI technologies are revolutionizing the economy, the public sector and science, in particular. They are fueled by the rapid increase in computing and storage capacity as well as big data, the three driving forces behind the remarkable success of AI. With the parallel architecture of GPUs and Flash Storage massive amounts of data can be processed at the speed that is necessary to train neural networks for deep learning, for example.

Given the potential they have to improve individual processes and save costs, AI technologies open up all sorts of new opportunities for companies. They also provide access to innovative business models and create added value for your business.

To be able to use AI technologies an appropriate IT infrastructure is needed. Regardless of what application fields matter to you – e.g. analyzing customer behavior with a view to improving your supply, processing image data for driverless vehicles or medical diagnostics, or evaluating data from the Internet of Things for process optimizations such as predictive maintenance – we will find the right AI solution to meet your needs.

We help you choose the perfect platform for your machine or deep learning requirements – from local workstations to large-scale AI in data centers and in the cloud.


First steps towards AI

To date, the actual use of different forms of AI in medium-sized businesses and enterprises in Germany has been slow and hesitant. Often there simply aren’t sufficient ideas as to what areas AI could offer support in, or there is a lack of the technical and organizational requirements needed to implement AI concepts.

The idea behind the appliedAI initiative run by UnternehmerTUM – Germany’s leading Center for Innovation and Business Creation at the Technical University Munich – is to support as many companies as possible in the adoption of artificial intelligence and lift Germany to the AI age. This initiative seeks to show experts from every discipline how they can use the technology for their own purposes in order to remain competitive. The appliedAI Initiative includes workshops on knowledge transfer, proof of concepts and exchange.

Microstaxx is involved in the appliedAI initiative as an Ecosystem Partner, providing advice and support when it comes to the question of what IT infrastructure a company needs to implement AI projects.

Read more on the appliedAI Initiative’s website.

Do you have specific AI ideas or projects you would like to implement?

Consult us for our expertise.

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The digital future has begun

During the process of digitalization, you will encounter the increasing complexity of IT, be it ever increasing data volumes, disruptive technologies, changing business models, or cyber threats. So where should you start with the transformation? How do you bring your goals, available resources and your budget in line with one another?

Microstaxx offers you a broad range of professional IT services that help you implement your digitalization strategy using a roadmap that is customized to your business. We assess your current IT environment, develop a dedicated, future-oriented IT infrastructure and implement it in your business. This IT infrastructure will enable you to respond flexibly at any time, optimize your processes, adapt your platforms, slim down business processes, and improve security.


Throughout the project you will benefit not only from our expertise and certified tech partners, but also from our high-quality standards at every stage. We are ISO-certified and our processes ITIL-compliant.

Enter the digital future with Microstaxx, whether you’re a first-timer or upgrading.

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Stronger together

Developing an IT solution for our customers that is ideal in every respect – that is our promise to you. To make this possible, Microstaxx has been working hand in hand with agile, innovative partners from the manufacturing industry for many years. We choose our partners carefully and guarantee our customers consistent solutions with maximum added value. Partner certifications in gold and platinum are testament to the success of our partnerships.

What we share with our manufacturers is high quality standards coupled with innovative strength and reliability. For us, mutual trust and fairness are a matter of course, putting us on an equal footing. For Microstaxx, partnership and fair collaboration go hand in hand.

Pure Storage: Tomorrow's All-Flash Storage

Pure Storage is heading the all-flash revolution*. This is why Pure Storage flash storage solutions are so special: the software-defined storage platform has been developed for flash and specifically optimized for flash from the very beginning. This gives you the unique advantages of Pure flash data platforms: uncompromising ease of use, outstanding performance and the latest software and hardware at all times. When describing Pure Storage products, we like to refer to their three most important features:

  • Simple – They are so simple you hardly have to take care of them. Pure Storage solutions are always available, ready to use and easy to use.
  • Efficient – The software-defined memory can cut down your space and flash requirements to up to one tenth – plus, you consolidate all your tiers and workloads (development/test, big data and analysis) on one data platform.
  • Evergreen – Subscribe to a storage program that is always fresh and modern. You buy it once and update and modernize it according to your needs – without any disruption or the need to rebuy any TBs. You can access all the innovations and hard- and software updates immediately and without any downtime.

Our partnership with Pure Storage

We love innovative and customer-friendly solutions and products – like those by Pure Storage. This is why we have become Pure Partners. And this is why we can help you manage the challenges of designing even better AI infrastructures.

*according to the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State-Arrays

Pure Storage – A perfect partner for AI applications and data analysis

Would you like to be able to use your organization’s data faster and better and speed up data analysis processes? Or implement your AI project simply and quickly? Let’s talk about FlashBlade and AIRI.

  • Pure Storage FlashBlade – is industry’s most advanced data and object storage. It is designed specifically for unstructured data. Its scale-out high-performance architecture is massively parallel, and it boasts everything you need yet haven’t had in a data platform before: it is ultra-fast, easy to handle, has enormous storage capacities and can be scaled-out instantly. Consolidate and simplify your infrastructure and accelerate workloads with Pure Storage FlashBlade – be it small workloads consisting of metadata or streaming big files. With FlashBlade you can accelerate your AI supercomputer, protect your organization from cyber-attacks and shorten development cycles.
  • AI-Ready Infrastructure (AIRI) – the full package for your future with AI
    Do you think AI infrastructures are too complex for your organization? Meet AIRI, the industry’s first AI-Ready infrastructure – architected by NVIDIA and Pure Storage. AIRI eliminates the complexities of AI infrastructures using a fully integrated solution comprising NVIDIA DGX 1 systems and Pure Storage FlashBlade. Jumpstart your AI initiative no matter how big your organization is. Choose AIRI – for it is fast, simple and future-proof.

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AIRI data sheet
FlashBlade data sheet


NVIDIA – pioneering AI and Deep Learning

Modern data centers with High Performance Computing (HPC) are the key to mastering some of the most important challenges based on GPU-accelerated computing in areas such as higher education, government and industry. Deep learning uses GPU performance to enable computers to learn from data and write software, solving some of the most complex problems in computer science.

As part of our partnership, we combine our technology expertise with professional services to deliver visual computing solutions that meet the business needs and technical requirements of our customers.

Microstaxx is NVIDIA Preferred Solution Provider with High Performance Computing, Deep Learning and GPU Virtualization competencies.

NVIDIA and Microstaxx both support the appliedAI Initiative, which was launched in 2018 bei UnternehmerTUM. At the heart of the Initiative, which is Europe’s major driving force in this field, is the call to push the use of artificial intelligence.

NVIDIA Power Performance for AI

NVIDIA DGX Station and DGX Server
NVIDIA accelerates your AI initiative with a solution that works from day one, giving you important insights within hours rather than within weeks or months.

Data scientists and researchers can now analyze petabytes of data multiple times faster than with traditional CPUs. Applications range from energy exploration to deep learning.

NVIDIA – leading the way in GPU computing

NVIDIA is known primarily as the company that revolutionized the world of computer games. The GPU’s (Graphic Processing Unit) debut in 1999 gave gamers faster, clearer and more lifelike images. The GPU was designed to rapidly perform the complex mathematical calculations needed to create realistic graphics. The GPU performs multiple functions simultaneously (parallel computing), leading to faster and smoother movements in computer games and marking a revolution in this field. With a 70% market share, NVIDIA is market leader in desktop GPUs.

These GPU capabilities have brought the company to the forefront of a new age of computing – the age of AI or artificial intelligence.

NVIDIA Graphic Processing Units have evolved into computer brains used in the exciting intersections between virtual reality, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence, making them ideal for use in promising applications related to artificial intelligence, such as self-driving cars.

NVIDIA – a closer look


Deep Learning Glossary
E-Book: What is deep learning?

Huawei – technology for an intelligent, fully connected world

As an Enterprise Partner, Microstaxx offers its customers consulting, implementation and co-care support for data center solutions developed by Chinese manufacturer Huawei. We focus on the active-active data center solution HyperMetro and the proprietary Flashlink technology. This is the key to the higher performance of SSDs, which in turn are manufactured by Huawei themselves. Develop it yourself rather than buy it – an important tradition that Huawei has continued since its beginnings in 1987.

Microstaxx and Huawei have been continuously expanding their successful partnership since 2016. In addition to storage systems, Huawei Enterprises have expanded the range of products that can be purchased via Microstaxx to IT systems and IP network products. For our customers, we regularly offer and coordinate tours to the Huawei OpenLab in Munich, one of the manufacturer’s central competence centers for research and innovation in Europe.

We offer Huawei Enterprise solutions in the following fields:

ICT solutions for well-connected companies and industry

Huawei is one of the world’s leading solution providers in the field of information and communication technology (ICT). With 180,000 employees, Huawei is committed to shaping the information society of the future and building a better-connected world. Over the past ten years, Huawei has invested more than USD 30 billion in research and development. Through continuous innovation, the Chinese company has developed a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecommunications and enterprise networks, devices, cloud technology and services.

Huawei also offers a wide range of sophisticated storage products and is market leader in China. The company has been active in Germany since 2001 where it employs more than 1,800 people, making Huawei Germany’s largest Chinese company. Its customer base includes businesses such as Deutsche Telekom, VW, and the news magazine Der Spiegel.

Huawei – a closer look


Data sheet: Huawei OceanStor Dorado3000 V3 All Flash Storage
Daten sheet: Huawei OceanStor 5500 V5 All Flash Storage
Data sheet: Huawei OceanStor Dorado V3 All Flash Storage
IDC Whitepaper: Active-Active Data Centers Help Enterprises to Safeguard Business Continuity in the Era of Digital Transformation

Fujitsu – shaping tomorrow with you

Fujitsu – shaping tomorrow with you

Fujitsu values a spirit of innovation and reliability – as do we at Microstaxx. The company has an unparalleled approach to innovation. Coupled with the similar aspirations that we pursue, this facilitates a collaboration that always puts the customer first. Fujitsu offers members of the SELECT Partner Program access to marketing and technology resources as well as to useful tools and professional expertise. Our Microstaxx specialists have been certified as SELECT Experts in the areas of advanced client solutions, data management, data protection, servers, integrated systems, mobility solutions, workstations and virtual client computing, among others.

Microstaxx is a Fujitsu Authorized Service Provider, giving you, as a customer, the perfect condition. We are committed to meeting your requirements for information and communication technology with at the very least as much innovative spirit and reliability as we put into this partnership, in order to deliver durable, efficient and flexible solutions.

Fujitsu – everything from a single source

Today, Fujitsu, leading provider of information and telecommunications solutions in Japan, founded in 1935, is not only the 7th largest provider of IT services worldwide, but also one of the top 10 providers of servers.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions is the Group’s subsidiary in Germany, where it boasts a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services. from end devices such as notebooks, PCs and thin clients to servers, storage systems and motherboards to highly secure data center solutions, managed and maintenance services, and cloud solutions. With 8,000 channel partners and the SELECT Partner Program, Fujitsu offers one of the most powerful partner networks in the industry. As a Fujitsu SELECT Expert Partner, Microstaxx is part of this network in Germany.

For more information visit

Fortinet – high-performance security solutions

In the age of increasingly complex IT infrastructures and attack vectors, IT/cyber security remains a constant top priority. The Fortinet Security Fabric is designed to meet current and future challenges by combining maximum flexibility, scalability and performance with comprehensive functionality and maximum protection against known and unknown threats for companies of all sizes.

As a Fortinet Platinum Partner, Microstaxx is a recognized expert in Fortinet security solutions and is able to implement the entire spectrum of Fortinet technologies. Microstaxx has experts who meet all the requirements for the deployment of complex security systems and offer an exceptional level of service and support.

The Fortinet portfolio offers comprehensive protection:

Fortinet – intelligent , fully integrated security

Fortinet, listed among the Top 25 Cybersecurity Companies 2018, founded in 2000 in Sunnyvale, California, protects the most valuable resources of some of the world’s largest corporations, service providers and government agencies. Fully integrated, high-performance security for the entire IT infrastructure – this is the goal Fortinet has been committed to from the outset. Fortinet equips its customers with intelligent, complete protection measures against the rapidly growing number of cyber threats and makes it possible to counteract the ever-increasing performance requirements on the borderless network. The Fortinet Security Fabric architecture takes into account all the security requirements of network, application, cloud or mobile environments.

Further information on Fortinet

FortiGate was chosen as the “Best Enterprise Network Firewall Management Software”  by Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice 2018. More on, in the Fortinet Blog, or at FortiGuard Labs, one of the top research and analysis teams for IT threats worldwide. Download data sheets and the Gartner Report Magic Quadrant for Enteprise Firewalls on

Aruba – next-generation network solutions

At Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, they believe that everything they do should start and end with the customer – customer first, customer last. At Microstaxx we share this belief. The customer is at the center of every business operation or innovation. Aruba focuses on innovations that change the digital experience where people work, study, shop, travel or spend their leisure time – or simply where people live.

It is Aruba’s mission to be the edge-to-cloud platform on which their customers innovate in the mobile, IoT, and cloud era. As platinum partner, Microstaxx is the perfect Aruba Partner when it comes to designing and implementing this platform for businesses and institutions of every size. In collaboration with Aruba, Microstaxx has been designing innovative network solutions across sectors for over 25 years – be it for the digital workplace, the Internet of Things, or security.

Microstaxx participates in the Aruba Partner Ambassador Program. Our systems engineers excel with their high level of Aruba certifications and their practical expertise in the design and implementation of Aruba networking solutions. Across EMEA, only 50 partner ambassadors from key Aruba partners have been selected based on their knowledge and engagement with Aruba. Ambassadors have exclusive access to the Aruba development team and to meetings with Aruba Global Product Line Managers in order to discuss future technologies and solutions.

We offer the following solutions in collaboration with Aruba:

Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

Aruba is a leading provider of next-generation network solutions for businesses of all sizes worldwide. With headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, the company provides IT networking and security solutions with which organizations are able to supply the new generation of tech-savvy users. Aruba Networks, which was taken over by HPE in 2005, was founded by Keerti Melkote in 2002, who remains the division’s President.

Once again, Aruba was ranked leader in the Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure*, which confirms the company’s leading position in the networking market in 2018.

Get more information and current news on Aruba on Visit Airheads Social on to learn more about the latest discussions on Enterprise Mobility and Aruba solutions.

*2018 Gartner Report: Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure

Download PDF

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