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We live by our vision whenever it comes to innovative, secure and effective solutions. We have a penchant for networking, security, storage and professional services. Every day. Always up to the latest standards. Customised. Cohesive. With a highly professional and dedicated team.


Rapid technological advancements create a competitive edge – if the IT landscape is already set up for them. We adapt your structures to your specific needs, from refreshing your tech and entirely new concepts to management and service. With a profound level of expertise and highly specialised teams, you can take advantage of our solutions.

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Elke Rennefeld
Team Lead Customer Service

Phone: +49-89-413266-0
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It’s not always easy to associate trust with IT. Which technologies and structures offer the best performance? The best security? The greatest flexibility? The most comprehensive possibilities for expansion? Whatever requirements you’re focused on, we develop solutions to suit your needs. To secure what you have. To lay the groundwork for new ideas. To take advantage of current developments. And to ensure operations at any time as a managed service provider. This is the meaning of “Trust your IT – managed by Microstaxx.”