Christian Hoffmann

“Artificial intelligence, robot process automation, distributed ledger technology (DLT) – IT is coming out with one revolution after another. It’s no wonder that IT expertise now has a half-life of just two years. This makes reliable partners all the more important. Many of our customers have been working with us for years or decades, and we work hard to do justice to their faith in us every day. Trust your IT – managed by Microstaxx is not just a promise, but a philosophy. Ask us about it. Ask our customers. Or simply see for yourself.”

Christian Hoffmann, CEO

Trust your IT – managed by Microstaxx

We’re familiar with complicated IT requirements. We focus on networking, security, storage and professional services for large and medium-sized enterprises, institutions, research institutes, municipalities, districts, and universities and colleges throughout Germany – and have been doing so for over 30 years with an experienced, highly trained, accredited team of experts who take teamwork as seriously as they do helping our customers. They have all the necessary certifications that even meet corporate governance requirements and the needs of larger companies, as well as excellent IT partners whose products always ensure that the quality and reliability of our IT solutions are guaranteed. We create long-term, reliable connections, internally and externally. We live by them.



ISO 27001 Information Security Management System

Microstaxx is ISO27001 certified since 2021 according to the internationally recognized standard DIN EN ISO / IEC 27001:2017.
As a managed service expert for innovative IT infrastructures, we offer our customers and business partners the highest level of security in all business areas on the basis of a certified and continuously improved information security management system (ISMS).

We meet the special requirements for information security in the automotive industry with Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX Label abrufbar, Scope-ID: SL24L0, Assessment-ID: A1F371-3, TISAX and TISAX results are not intended for general public).

Our governance is based on processes according to ITIL best practice (IT Infrastructure Library).

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ISO 9001 Quality management

Every year since 2003, our in-house quality management system for IT consulting and project planning, sales, service and support for IT infrastructures for sector-independent customers and public sector clients has been audited and certified according to the international standard ISO 9001:2015. This is testament to the quality of our processes and lays the foundation for systematic and continuous improvements at Microstaxx – the permanent goal of our company.

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ISO 14001 Environmental management

Environmental protection in general, and climate change and CO2 emissions in particular, are becoming ever more important. We feel that we are responsible for taking action as a company, and ever since 2019, we have regularly and successfully undergone DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 audits and certifications. ISO 14001 covers the implementation and employment of an environmental management system. We have also developed and implemented corresponding measures, and have since strived to consider ecological opportunities and risks for products and companies in everything we do, while regularly reducing our CO2 footprint.

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Compliance Management

We at Microstaxx depend on the trust placed in us by our customers, employees, suppliers, stakeholders, and the public. Our company’s reputation is paramount to us, and it must be preserved and protected.

Trust and a good reputation largely depend on how executives, managers, and employees act. Microstaxx has implemented a Compliance Management System that stipulates regular training, the appointment of an external Compliance Officer, and internal and external Code of Conduct, and a defined reporting process for violations.

Our Code of Conduct defines the major rules and principles for lawful and responsible conduct. It reflects the values that we are bound to.

Every manager and employee is responsible for abiding by the Code of Conduct. We expect everyone affiliated with Microstaxx to act in accordance with the legal regulations as well as the principles contained within our Code of Conduct. No business deal is worth jeopardising the trust and good reputation that Microstaxx has worked hard to cultivate.

Microstaxx embodies these values, and expects its suppliers (including service providers) and business partners to abide by these values in their actions while also adhering to the principles listed in the Code of Conduct. Microstaxx expects suppliers and business partners to obligate third parties that they commission (e.g., subcontractors) to follow these requirements as well.

Lawful and responsible conduct has always been the foundation for any successful and sustainably profitable business. Join us on this journey!

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Microstaxx has implemented a complaint management system that allows external business partners, stakeholders, suppliers and the entire supply chain, as well as other external parties to contact the company. Complaints or grievances can be submitted to the following e-mail address:

Emails sent to this address will reach our external compliance officer, who will forward them to Microstaxx management after review.

This can be used for all types of complaints, including those concerning potentially illegal activities, unethical practices, discrimination, sexual harassment, etc.

The Compliance Officer and corporate management will address every grievance and tip. Tips are kept confidential and the person submitting the tip will be protected against any ramifications.

Social responsibility

Empowering people, improving lives

We see ourselves and Microstaxx GmbH as part of society with an obligation.

That is why it is part of our corporate culture to help where help is needed and to stand up for people in need. With our donations, we support social organisations in Munich and also projects for the youngest members of our society. Helping children in need is a matter close to our hearts.

Of course, we would be delighted if we could also encourage you to make a donation to one of our aid projects. Thank you very much.

Bahnhofsmission München (Station mission munich)

As one of the largest station missions in Germany, it is open to all those in need in Munich. Every day, they help an average of 66 people in need and offer emergency supplies of food, drink and clothing to over 200 guests every day.

They think in a solution-orientated way and act quickly and unbureaucratically. Their work is based on an appreciative openness towards all people and the idea of equality and dignity for all people.

Donations are a mainstay of the Bahnhofsmission München. It is only thanks to financial donations that it is possible to help so many people. We feel that this task is very important and that is why it is particularly important to us to support the station mission with money and donations in kind, which we are always happy to hand over personally on site.

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Kleine Patienten in Not (Little patients in need)

The nationwide organisation Kleine Patienten in Not e.V. (Little Patients in Need) has set itself the task of supporting the interests of young accident victims and providing child-friendly first aid.

This begins at the scene of the accident. With the help of the “Giving Comfort” initiative, the association equips hospitals and rescue services, but also fire brigades, emergency counsellors and police stations throughout Germany with so-called “comfort bears”. With the “Benny” bear, paramedics, police officers, firefighters and nurses can provide immediate comfort to a child in distress.

We at Microstaxx support this wonderful initiative with the regular purchase of Benny comfort bears.

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Sternstunden e.V.

For 30 years, Sternstunden has been taking responsibility for sick, disabled children and children in need – in Bavaria, Germany and around the world, providing help as quickly and easily as possible.
With Sternstunden, every donation is guaranteed to be passed on to children in need without any deductions. Sternstunden is a charity campaign with Bayerischer Rundfunk. It is supported by Bayerische Landesbank, Sparkassenverband Bayern, LBS Landesbausparkasse Süd and Versicherungskammer Bayern.

Microstaxx GmbH has been supporting Sternstunden for many years.

You can donate here all year round!
Münchner Geschenkeregen

Our employees have been fulfilling numerous Christmas wishes from socially disadvantaged children for a few years now as part of the Münchener Geschenkeregens.

The gifts collected are presented to all the children by Microstaxx employees at festive Christmas parties on site and this “small” contribution has brought “great” joy to many children.

A successful campaign in which we will continue to participate!

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It’s not always easy to associate trust with IT. Which technologies and structures offer the best performance? The best security? The greatest flexibility? The most comprehensive possibilities for expansion? Whatever requirements you’re focused on, we develop solutions to suit your needs. To secure what you have. To lay the groundwork for new ideas. To take advantage of current developments. And to ensure operations at any time as a managed service provider. This is the meaning of “Trust your IT – managed by Microstaxx.”