24. January 2019

Pure Storage

Pure Storage is heading the all-flash revolution*. This is why Pure Storage flash storage solutions are so special: the software-defined storage platform has been developed for flash and specifically optimized for flash from the very beginning. This gives you the unique advantages of Pure flash data platforms: uncompromising ease of use, outstanding performance and the latest software and hardware at all times. When describing Pure Storage products, we like to refer to their three most important features:

  • Simple – They are so simple you hardly have to take care of them. Pure Storage solutions are always available, ready to use and easy to use.
  • Efficient – The software-defined memory can cut down your space and flash requirements to up to one tenth – plus, you consolidate all your tiers and workloads (development/test, big data and analysis) on one data platform.
  • Evergreen – Subscribe to a storage program that is always fresh and modern. You buy it once and update and modernize it according to your needs – without any disruption or the need to rebuy any TBs. You can access all the innovations and hard- and software updates immediately and without any downtime.

Our partnership with Pure Storage

We love innovative and customer-friendly solutions and products – like those by Pure Storage. This is why we have become Pure Partners. And this is why we can help you manage the challenges of designing even better AI infrastructures.

*according to the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Solid-State-Arrays

Pure Storage – A perfect partner for AI applications and data analysis

Would you like to be able to use your organization’s data faster and better and speed up data analysis processes? Or implement your AI project simply and quickly? Let’s talk about FlashBlade and AIRI.

  • Pure Storage FlashBlade – is industry’s most advanced data and object storage. It is designed specifically for unstructured data. Its scale-out high-performance architecture is massively parallel, and it boasts everything you need yet haven’t had in a data platform before: it is ultra-fast, easy to handle, has enormous storage capacities and can be scaled-out instantly. Consolidate and simplify your infrastructure and accelerate workloads with Pure Storage FlashBlade – be it small workloads consisting of metadata or streaming big files. With FlashBlade you can accelerate your AI supercomputer, protect your organization from cyber-attacks and shorten development cycles.
  • AI-Ready Infrastructure (AIRI) – the full package for your future with AI
    Do you think AI infrastructures are too complex for your organization? Meet AIRI, the industry’s first AI-Ready infrastructure – architected by NVIDIA and Pure Storage. AIRI eliminates the complexities of AI infrastructures using a fully integrated solution comprising NVIDIA DGX 1 systems and Pure Storage FlashBlade. Jumpstart your AI initiative no matter how big your organization is. Choose AIRI – for it is fast, simple and future-proof.

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