24. January 2019


Modern data centers with High Performance Computing (HPC) are the key to mastering some of the most important challenges based on GPU-accelerated computing in areas such as higher education, government and industry. Deep learning uses GPU performance to enable computers to learn from data and write software, solving some of the most complex problems in computer science.

As part of our partnership, we combine our technology expertise with professional services to deliver visual computing solutions that meet the business needs and technical requirements of our customers.

Microstaxx is NVIDIA Preferred Solution Provider with High Performance Computing, Deep Learning and GPU Virtualization competencies.

NVIDIA and Microstaxx both support the appliedAI Initiative, which was launched in 2018 bei UnternehmerTUM. At the heart of the Initiative, which is Europe’s major driving force in this field, is the call to push the use of artificial intelligence.

NVIDIA Power Performance for AI

NVIDIA DGX Station and DGX Server
NVIDIA accelerates your AI initiative with a solution that works from day one, giving you important insights within hours rather than within weeks or months.

Data scientists and researchers can now analyze petabytes of data multiple times faster than with traditional CPUs. Applications range from energy exploration to deep learning.

NVIDIA – leading the way in GPU computing

NVIDIA is known primarily as the company that revolutionized the world of computer games. The GPU’s (Graphic Processing Unit) debut in 1999 gave gamers faster, clearer and more lifelike images. The GPU was designed to rapidly perform the complex mathematical calculations needed to create realistic graphics. The GPU performs multiple functions simultaneously (parallel computing), leading to faster and smoother movements in computer games and marking a revolution in this field. With a 70% market share, NVIDIA is market leader in desktop GPUs.

These GPU capabilities have brought the company to the forefront of a new age of computing – the age of AI or artificial intelligence.

NVIDIA Graphic Processing Units have evolved into computer brains used in the exciting intersections between virtual reality, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence, making them ideal for use in promising applications related to artificial intelligence, such as self-driving cars.

NVIDIA – a closer look


Deep Learning Glossary
E-Book: What is deep learning?

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